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coverpic flag Italy - Full Moon 174 - 11/21/10

Wild Nights, Quiet Dreams

Italian band Hollowblue has a powerful sound on this album. Singer Gianluca Maria Sorace a persuasive way with his vocal and pens suitably poetic lyrics for these blue songs.

"You cannot Stop" is a song that shows the band's grand ambitions fully realized. It races along like prime Coldplay tempered with a sense of drama and a stronger singer. "I've Got A Key to Change The World" retains the sense of drama, Sorace proving himself as ever a singer of power and subtlety. It's a rhythmic, well-played track with a sense of scope. "Wild Dogs Run" is a neat, focused effort that allows guest singer Sukie Smith a nice backdrop to emote against. She has a splendid, dusky voice that fits right in with the band's sound.

"Cry Hell!" ends the album on a suitably epic point, the band playing what sounds like the dramatic highpoint of a film. It's a cinematic treat of an album.

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