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White Widow
Black Heart
Tullo Tunes Records

White Widow is a solo artist who pulls no punches. Her delivery feels raw and honest on her new album. The title song sees the singer tackle heartbreak in a tough yet intimate performance with a memorable tune. She echoes early Courtney Love in her gritty approach, yet the tune is less abrasive than that would imply.

"Quitter" is a powerful rock track with the singer's vocals at their most expressive. The Stevie Nicks obscurity "Lady from the Mountain" is lovingly unearthed by White Widow and rendered wonderfully. She's taken her name from another Nicks' song so it's a good fit. "I Break" is as ever right on the money, White Widow giving it her most primal vocal to an insistent beat. It's a great album for rock fans.

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