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Lili Anel
Every Second In Between
Wall-I Records

Lili Anel has a distinct, though hard to pinpoint style on this fifth album. The singer and guitarist seems to use both jazz and blues and several styles in between.

It's all quality though; "Supposed to be" is a genuinely soulful bid for independence as Anel sings of a relationship that must end. Her playing and singing is angelic yet sassy. "So far away" reminds me of Joan Armatrading at her best, a sultry and intimate song of longing with a cool tune. "Much to my surprise" is breezy and sunny, Anel singing beautifully as ever to restrained backing.

"Voyager" sees her joined by a string quartet and the sound I genuinely thrilling. It's one of her strongest and most moving songs. It's a strong album all told, and one to cherish.

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