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David Wilcox
Open Hand
What Are Records

David Wilcox has been around the block more than once and it shows on his fifteenth album to date. He has a warm voice and pens some intimate songs for this offering.

"Dream Again" carefully and sweetly acknowledges hardships but has a strong hope as a message. The tune is nicely played and reaches the listener well. The title song was written for a friend of the singer who was very ill but said he never felt more alive. It's naturally a very moving and thoughtful song. "Modern World" looks at the present world and finds it bewildering. Wilcox avoids sentimentality at every turn and instead makes a moving observation.

"Beyond Belief" is an honest reflection on faith that Wilcox does well. It has a memorable tune, which also helps. It's a good record that fully reflects his experience and talent.

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