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Wolf Parade
EXPO '86
Sub Pop / Tuba!

EXPO '86 is both the name of the Worlds' fair held in Vancouver in 1986, and the name of the Montreal based rock band Wolf Parade's third album. Supposedly, the band members met as young boys at the EXPO that year, and made a secret pact to form a rock band in the early 2000s. And so they did. Good story, anyhow. For an almost as good album.

The first impression is that a major part of EXPO '86 is just a little too tenuous, flat and fast-paced. This impressions alters some after every listening, which usually is a good sign regarding quality, and pretty much so this time around as well. Even if the opener "Cloud Shadow on the Mountain" never take off, or that the closure with "Cave-o-sapien" is forgettable.

But then there are "What Did My Lover Say? (It Always Had To Go This Way)", which turns out to be adoringly catchy rock, or "Little Golden Age" that has a lingering drive with seductive classic rock lines. And "Two Men In A New Tuxedo" that is lighter, fun synth rock, followed by the even purer 80ies synth pop piece "Oh You Old Thing".

Still, EXPO '86 is somewhat too hasty, to be more than yet another solid album from Wolf Parade. But then again. Solid is pretty good, after all.

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