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Charlie Barnard
Hallucinations & Delusions
Skyeyesea Records

Originally released in 2005, Hallucinations & Delusions was re-released in late 2009. Due to flash-backs, maybe? Hence the title. The songs do sound like they're of some hallucinating and delusive nature.

Barnard has put out two other albums, Violet Rain Strokes The Sea (2006) and Ivory Serpents & The Starving Tree (2008), but he's new to me. Well, not any more. Hallucinations & Delusions unveils pleasing, psychedelic little pop songs, as a pleasant surprise. He names influences to be: "William Burroughs, Syd Barrett, Jack The Ripper, Television Personalities, Lazycame, Zog Bogbean, Kevin Ayers, The Jazz Butcher, Hemmingway, Sparklehorse, The Only Ones, Go-Kart Mozart, Acid Mothers Temple, Spacemen 3..." And the emotional, rough and weary voice of Barnard veil his pop songs in a most suiting way. Yes, I can hear Barrett influences, but Peter Perrett and his Only Ones (who I was so lucky to catch live in London last December!) is even a clearer reference. In fact, the voices of Barnard and Perrett are quite similar, which isn't a bad thing. Lyrically Barnard drifts through fantasy and science fiction material (even adding some writings of Edgar Allen Poe). The songs on Hallucinations & Delusions comes from a true, psychedelic mind. A free spirit.

Watch out for upcoming albums by his band The Neon Pop Orchestra, as well as from his former band Nazca Plain (who happened to record an album before falling apart). Until then I recommend a psychedelic trip through Hallucinations & Delusions, guided by Charlie Barnard.

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