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The Dislocation (and Consequences) EP
Misread Records

The first time Bluermutt appeared at Luna Kafe HQ's, popping out of our PO Box, was a pleasant surprise. Decivilize After Consumption (Nexsound 2008) was a thrilling experience. This time it's a long (some 32 minutes) EP, on new label Misread.

Bluermutt is the project of Barcelona based Gio with international friend contributors, including Norwegian Nils Christian Fossdal (who also contributed to Decivilize...), who's added vocals to the track "Nineteen Ultra". Other guest vocalists are: Leafcutter John (also lyrics, on "Androids' Breath"), Plastik Joy's Fannar Ásgrímsson (on "Indoor Failure"), Sarah Kawasaki (on "Palau"). Contributing guitarists are Gianluca Pellegrino (who also contributed to last year's album) and Nanni Civitenga, making this quite an international team. The Dislocation (and Consequences) doesn't feel dislocated at all. In fact it feels, or sounds like everything's in its right place. Except for the cover art, where the sky's being 'dislocated' by some fingers coming through the artwork. Not the hand of God, I believe.

Bluermutt's music is an adventurous and colourful mixture, picking inspiration from many corner of the world of sound. This is electronic / computer music at its best. Cold music generating warmth. Like I said last time, Bluermutt creates music with"...fine samples of voices & sounds and cool cut'n'paste techniques, colourful collages with humour and wit." Best track? Probably "Androids' Breath" (ft. Leafcutter John), I'm a bit conventional after all. Don't hesitate, check out, and buy/download all.

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