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coverpic flag Sweden - Full Moon 162 - 12/02/09

Meet Citizen K
Somewhere Up North
Paraply Records

Klas Qvist a.k.a Citizen K crafts impeccable pop on this debut album. He plays almost everything on his own and the results are convincing.

"For Citizen A" is dreamy and has a persuasive lead vocal. "Badfinger" is pretty and has a moving lyric that recalls the best of other pop bands. Qvist sings beautifully as he recalls other times. "Somewhere in September" is gently strummed and sees him reach for his best singing and playing yet. The autumnal mood is well captured. "Nobody owns her" has a strong melody line like all the songs here, and a pensive lyric.

Qvist has made a traditional and strong debut album where the art of writing a perfect pop song is very much alive.

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