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coverpic flag Canada - Full Moon 162 - 12/02/09

Lara MacMillan
Miss Mercury
Lara MacMillan/Gypsy Wasp Records

Lara MacMillan's debut starts with a bang; the title song is an instant charmer, with a clear hook and an irrepressible lyric about a wily woman. The vocal is luminous and the backing spirited enough to frame it well.

"By my Side" is sweet and has a lovely vocal. MacMillan's piano playing is just great. "Come Inside" is rockier and is cunningly tough, MacMillan's supple voice proving more than adequate for the style of music. She's really got a persuasive style, about her. "Mettle in you" is another strong song, the singer making a neat bluesy stab at a tune. Her toughness is convincing rather then an empty pose. Her debut is well worth seeking out.

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