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Open Sesame Music

Before recording this album singer Moksha Sommer was told she had a brain tumour and she didn't know if she'd make it out alive. So she co-wrote these songs and thankfully lived to tell the tale.

Opener "Trespasser" speaks of someone who feels like a trespasser not knowing if they'll be allowed to stay. The melody is upbeat and Sommer's vocals soar like an eagle. "Waiting" is slow and soft, the gorgeous vocals recalling Sarah McLachlan to a country-like hum. Producer Malcolm Burn no doubt helped shape this album's strong sound. "Salome" is slightly like a Dead Can dance song played by an Americana band. The mysticism is well played and Sommer dreamily sings of the biblical temptress. "All My guitars" is life affirming and is sung by Jemal Wade Hines for a change, and he has a nice voice too. It's fairly upbeat and edges towards Beatlesy psychedelia. HuDost's new album should appeal to many music lovers.

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