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Sonic Youth
Sacred Trickster
Matador / Playground

"Sacred Trickster" is the first drop off Sonic Youth's new album, The Eternal, their 16th (?). This starter is a 2 minute up-tempo piece with Kim Gordon at the mic. Aggro-pop Sonic Youth style. Trademark SY.

New man on board is bass player Mark Ibold, of former Pavement fame. He joined the touring band, and ended up as a member of the recording band as well. Maybe the foursome after all missed having a fifth member since Jim O'Rourke left some years ago. Anyway, "Sacred Trickster" is tough, but I'm not all too convinced, since Sonic Youth have been in the game for so long, they roll songs like this from out of their sleeves just like that. And, I've never been the biggest fan of Kim Gordon at her most frantic/manic vocally.

Yet, again, I'm keen and curious on checking out the rest of The Eternal. Sonic Youth still can sound energetic and playful, as if they still were in their teens, or in the midst of a teenage riot. Avant avanti!

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