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Golden Silvers
True Romance
XL / Playground

True Romance is the London-based trio Golden Silvers' first full album, after two independent single-releases last year. And as these singles, which also are included on the album, gave promise about; True Romance proves to be a truly dashing pop experience.

Golden Silvers in one of these bands that elegantly steels from the previous decades more or less golden well of electronic pop, and turns it into an almost as brilliant modern expression. This with a sound that could be described as something like mid-eighties Bowie meets Daft Punk meets Beach Boys meets half of the contemporary British indie bands etc...

By drawing on all these different styles True Romance becomes a very stylish album. Yet, in this styling also lays my objections to this record. Because even if there is a sense of literal content, especially in tunes like the calmer "Here Comes the King" and "Fade to Black", it somehow gets lost in the grooves. Grooves that, by all means, are very catchy and likeable. But that is also just it. It simply is more glimmer than actual brilliance. Then again, who wants everything to have a serious content...

So, in the end Golden Silvers may just deliver the sound of the summer to come, with this guitar-free glam pop that just sway you to the dance floor wearing that shiny yellow hair ribbon you thought you had lost more than twenty years ago.

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