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coverpic flag Germany - Full Moon 151 - 01/11/09

Sankt Otten
Tiefgang EP
Hidden Shoal Recordings

Another EP by some of my favourite Germans. The Tiefgang EP's title track is the second single taken from last year's re-release of Sankt Otten's acclaimed debut album Eine Kleine Traurigkeit. "Tiefgang" was one of my favourites on the album, so this can't possibly go wrong.

Along with "Tiefgang" (Kurzfassung - the single edit of) here are another 4 previously unreleased tracks from 1999/2000. Carsten Sandkaemper's dead cool vocals is as efficient as always on the slow "Morgen Ist". "Blumen Für Den Dandy" is a ghost show of a song. "Heimkino" is a one-minute instrumental intermission, before "Eine Neue Welt" closes the EP perfectly, as a noir big city by night passage. This is the type of song which can be sung, and being credible, in German and German only. I believe the words from Hidden Shoal: Sankt Otten are not able to pen a bad song.

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