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Curtis Eller's American Circus
Wirewalkers & Assassins
self-released / independent

Banjo player and singer Curtis Eller has a distinctly leftfield slant to his brand of Americana. He sings of presidents, Jack Ruby and Elvis to a stripped down folk sound.

"John Wilkes Booth (Don't Make Us Beg)" is a merry toe tapping tribute to the presidential assassin. Eller has an acid tongue and an eye for the absurd. "Sugar For the Horses" is no less special, a catchy song that references Elvis and has a great backing vocal by Liisa Yonker. "The Curse of Cain" is a song with a heavy heart that speaks of Booth again and somehow sounds sad. "Abraham Lincoln Had It Coming" notes Booth in the song. I think Eller is after a comparison with today's America and not liking what he sees. He pens a loving tribute to his won daughter in between all this and ends the album by wanting to be saved by the boxer Joe Louis. The wayward and elusive Eller seems like he wants to make an exceptional album and he just has.

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