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Giant Sand
Yep Rock Records

Giant Sand is basically just Howe Gelb. Last released record from the man was the hailed solo album 'Sno Angel Like You. This one's said to be his 20th album release, I've lost count myself. The difference between the two brands is difficult to tell. But I don't mind, what's in a name anyway? It's the music we're here for.

proVISIONS pretty soon makes it clear that Gelb's on the stereo. And like 'Sno Angel... it's very welcoming announcement. Like always he manages to mix the beautiful with the quirky and the mysterious with the obvious. And the damndest thing is how catchy it is.

Great opener, "Stranded Pearl", swinging countrybilly in "Can Do", wonderful sounscape on "Pitch & Sway" and a slow funk in "Belly Full of Fire". Might not catch you first time around, but if you give it 3 or 4 chances you'll catch it.

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