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Nine Heavens
Six Degrees Records

Niyaz consists of singer Azam Ali, multi-instrumentalist Loga Ramin Torkian and producer Carmen Rizzo. Their second album sees them take Persian and Urdu poetry and set it to music, as well as adapt folk songs. The two-disc set has an acoustic version of the more orchestrated songs.

The transcendental vocals by Azam Ali makes it a powerful listen. "Tamana" is an Urdu poem set to music and it unravels in a pristine way. Ali's vocals are stunning as ever. "Feraghi-song of Exile" is a traditional Iranian folk song with a melancholy slant that gets a haunting rendition. "Iman" is a lullaby for Ali and Torkian's son and it's softer and less urgent than the other songs. "Molk-E-Divan" has words that speak of enjoying life and a sinuous beat. The acoustic side has some intriguing and no-less evocative versions of the songs. Niyaz can take you to ninth heaven and beyond.

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