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coverpic flag England - Full Moon 148 - 10/14/08

Valley Girl
Glamorous World
Sick Dog Records

Valerie Perkins is Valley Girl and this debut is a strong and seductive record. It's best described as late night listening, with a trip hop bent to it.

Perkins collaborates with various people, among them is LCD Sound System's James Murphy. "Flow" is fluid and emotional, Perkins' vocal a mere whisper, but nonetheless a strong presence. "Wild Whispers Sweet" recalls the pastoral sound of recent Goldfrapp in a good way. Perkins' vocal is sweet and appealing. "Addicted" is bluesy and soulful, Perkins taking the song in an intriguing leftfield direction.

The closing "Dizzy Star" is a fine way to end the album. Perkins and her collaborators make an intriguing sound. This is a fine album.

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