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Rich Bennett
Aisle 8: The Underwater Supermarket
Hidden Shoal Recordings

"Aisle 8: The Underwater Supermarket" is taken from Rich Bennett's (of Brooklyn quintet Monocle also on Hidden Shoal) upcoming solo debut, a mini-album entitled Music For Underwater Supermarkets. The lost son of Brian Eno, uh?

"Aisle 8: The Underwater Supermarket" is a hang-loose, loungy, dream-pop piece, quite elegant and gracious as it swirls its way with a simple yet efficient melody. A true little charmer, and I might dig up Monocle for a second chance as well.

Looking forward to the rest of the mini (which is already out by now?).

PS! A funny, odd quote from the bio: "His daily activities include running the park loop, viewing Seinfeld reruns, reading Joseph Campbell, eating hummus and yelling at 13-year-old guitar students."

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