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Rumble In Rhodos
Black Balloon/Tuba!

Intentions is Rumble In Rhodos' (R.I.R.) second album, and shows more of their energetic hardcore-indierock-neuprog. The Oslo based (originally hailing from Follo, just a couple of miles south of Oslo) R.I.R. formed in 2003 and put out their debut album Own Me Like The City in 2006. Where bands like Amulet and JR Ewing played tougher core-centred hardcore R.I.R. have got a more catchy and poppy approach to their genre. Not unlike what Lukestar are up to. Add some Pixies-meet-The Mars Volta and you're somewhere near.

The quintet sounds like an extremely tight 5-piece, and is probably a must-see live act (so far I haven't been to any of their gigs). Intentions is a 8-song-album, and highly efficient, effective and honest collection of songs - wisely clocking in at less than 30 minutes. On the standout song list I'd put "Ethical Codes", opener "Paws, Claws & Alarm Clock Laws", and "Harpoon Etiquette".

If I was to play around a bit (too) silly with words, I'd say Rumble In Rhodos only have the best Intentions. A good album. Energetic, enigmatic, catchy, powerful.

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