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coverpic flag Israel - Full Moon 143 - 05/20/08

Noa Babayof
From A Window To A Wall
Anova Records

Israel's Noa Babayof makes her debut with an album rife with quite enactment and rich sounds. She sings in a hushed manner to spectral strains of folk and recalls Vashti Bunyan and other singers of that ilk.

"Indian Queen" has a timeless, haunting beauty that is truly special. Babayof sings to a sparse backdrop and brings the magic. "Loving You" sees Babayof reaching new heights, her voice weaving its spell to a lovely string arrangement. Her delivery is lazy, almost too slow to make out words, but rich all the same. "At Your Death" is a reflective song with some of Vashti Bunyan's delicacy and slightly eerie delivery put to good use. "This Year's Parade" is dreamy and quite hypnotic, as are all the other songs. This one carries the melody well.

Noa Babayof's debut is without doubt a fabulous record.

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