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coverpic flag Ireland - Full Moon 143 - 05/20/08

Gamblers Ballet
Kila Records

Kila unite the Irish and Ainu musical heritage to surprising and thrilling effect. "Electric Landlady" combines a funky rhythm with traditional folk instruments to good measure. Kila's heady mix of styles is starting to have its magic work. "Cardinal Knowledge" is less frantic and has amore of an Irish traditional feel without forgetting its new roots. Kila play at the top of their game as ever. "Seo mo leaba" gets a fiery and rhythmic start and yet has that lovely feel to it. The lead vocalist is singing in Ainu, which lends a nice touch. "Her Royal Waggedly Toes" is lively and laden with rich sounds. Kila are a great band and this is a proof of that fact.

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