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coverpic flag Canada - Full Moon 142 - 04/20/08

Steve Dooks
Cocktails, Heartaches and Cigars

Steve Dooks records jazzy, faintly nostalgic but still cool songs on this charming record. He has a style that might recall other artists in the genre like Jamie Cullum and he writes his own songs.

"What Does Your Heart Say" evokes the yesteryear of luminaries like Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra, without being mere pastiche. Dooks has a free and easy vocal that sits nicely amidst the supple insttumrentaion. The title song is a boisterous big band number that should put a smile on the listener's face. "My Attorney Bernie" is a cover and an apt and funny one. Dooks' wry delivery and the bands dexterity suit it well. "I Don't hHave You Anymore" is a sadder, more reflective side of Dooks' work and he can do that too. This is a very nice record and one that's worth hearing.

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