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Plain White T's
Every Second Counts

Plain White T's play a decent brand of rock but lack originality and spark. Their new record goes through the motions but doesn't really do anything remotely interesting.

Their big hit "Hey there Delilah" is pleasant but painfully dull in a predictable fashion. They bratty take on the rock genre has zero depth and while they write nice songs they play them far too safely. These are songs that might soundtrack the movements of affluent youth in films and television series. Why else would they call a song "Hate (I Really Don't Like You)"? Doesn't the word "hate" tell us all we need to know without the parenthesis to explain it?

I'm sure Plain White T's (which by the way is a truly awful name) are perfectly nice guys, but their music is not necessary. If you are a fan you will disagree. If you are not don't buy this, it will only bore you senseless.

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