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coverpic flag England - Full Moon 137 - 11/24/07

Glyn Bailey
Songs from the Old Illawalla

Glyn Bailey is a bit of an eccentric, which makes his new album a delightful listen. He recalls other oddballs like Robyn Hitchcock and Julian Cope and switches genres as often as he can.

"Moonwalkers" talks of astronauts and unsurprisingly takes inspiration from Bowie's golden seventies era. "Ghost" gives us a spooky yet persuasive pop nugget, one that really shows off Bailey's talent. He takes on the guise of a torturer in "Kafkaesque World" and gives us a scary clown (well, aren't they all?) later. Bailey's many roles all only serve to makes his songs more eerie and compellingly strange. He's a real artist and his songs are classic examples of good storytelling.

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