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Samuel Jason Lies On The Beach
Hidden Shoal Recordings

Jumpel hail From Köln, or Cologne, and is a "band" of one, Mr Jo Dürbeck (formerly a member of Bones), who began his project some two years ago. His background is said to include instrument experiments counting empty detergent cans, boxes and the piano in his parents' cellar. When buying himself a Commodore C-64 computer he discovered electronic music, samples and loops.

After Bones dissolved Dürbeck has been writing and producing a lot of film scores (along with buddy Rene, from the Bones as well). This comes as no surprise after hearing Jumpel's debut album, Samuel Jason Lies On The Beach, which is quite cinematic. Late evening and late night music. This is about minimalism and quiet emotions, presenting chilled'n'breezy electronica landscapes. Delicately toned down, but not without a red thread through-out the record. The pianos and keyboards are almost whispering, while the soundscapes are spiced with a sparkling electronic texture. Distant seagulls, tiny waves and a salty sea breeze.

A most pleasing album it is. Some uppers are: "Rainday", "Cleo", "Public Transport", "No. 5-11" and "Raum". Krautronica is the new cool.

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