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Okkervil River
The Stage Names
Jagjaguwar / Tuba! (Norway)

Lots of people went prophetic and suggested that Okkervil's last album Black Sheep Boy would be their so-called break through album. Well, not that much happened, though they got way onwards to recognition and fans. "Fame's but a fruit tree" as Nick Drake put it, and I don't suppose they're aiming at that garden. Although, that album was absolutely a fruit tree to me.

What they've got is guts, nerve and the will to swing. This combined with a lyrical atmosphere quite unlike way too many others. Readers of my former writings know I'm a sucker for good titles, and here's a handful of new favourites: "Our Life is Not a Movie Or Maybe", "Unless it's Kicks", "Plus Ones", "You Can't Hold the Hand of a Rock and Roll Man". All of these are, by the way, significantly well-bred and flirtatious songs. It's as if they're blinking an eye, pointing a finger and saying the sweetest things. And, like in the song, "Savannah Smiles".

Hopefully this album will reach farther still than their four previous has. They deserve every listener, as every listener deserves an album like this in their home.

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