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The Liars
Drum's Not Dead

01. Be Quiet Mt. Heart Attack!
02. Let's Not Wrestle Mt. Heart Attack
03. A Visit from Drum
04. Drum Gets a Glimpse
05. It Fit When I Was a Kid
06. The Wrong Coat for You Mt. Heart Attack
07. Hold You, Drum
08. It's all Blooming Now Mt. Heart Attack
09. Drum and the Uncomfortable Can
10. You, Drum
11. To Hold You, Drum
12. The Other Side of Mt. Heart Attack

Now I'm sure, like with other Liars albums, that the music follows a very meticulously planned storyline. One of their albums is about the Salem Witch Trials for instance. Neat ideas, but it's very hard, sin album sleeve, artwork, the internet, etc. to actually hear the story.

That mostly is due to style issues, because this particular sound isn't very condusive to clarity. The voice is often drenched in reverb, and the huge guitars tend to distract. I'm not saying it's a bad sound, though. I enjoy this new Liars album, and perhaps I'd enjoy it more if I sat with the album sleeve which probably contains the lyrics and the story.

A recommended album to buy. If you're not interested in that, instead of queueing up Drum's Not Dead, go back a few months and check out a much more slept-on (and better) Mute release: that new Goldfrapp.

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