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Odyssey, like Moby's Play before them, proves techno, not new wave, is not a completely plastic waste of existence of no sustainable value. The New York dynamos Warren Fischer and Casey Spooner put protest on the dance floor on "We Need a War" which can stand up there with the recent System effort, "B.Y.O.B.", the not whiny emo portion of the American Idiot suite, and the last Radiohead album with the best arguments for modern anti-war music. Do I smell a Woodstock '06? And this time I'm talking Woodstock the way it was meant to be: peace and hippies when the world actually needs them. No takers? How about '09 - a fortieth anniversary bong bash? Nobody? Ok, it was just a thought- considering last time when Limp Bizkit crashed the party, anything is going to be an improvement. Maybe Green Day could make us all reminisce of better days by kicking off with "When I Come Around"? That was the closer from the corporate infestation in '94, back when slinging mud used to mean something!

Either way, nothing makes you want to get up and move quite like "Never Win". Like a new, not-so-moody Depeche Mode, that two-four "Billie Jean" drum machine pattern and jangling guitar are just asking to be the soundtrack for that new swinging 80s nostalgia crowd. In the spirit of warn out clichés, Fischerspooner take the rock out of the over blown genre that has become dance rock. Their revised recipe: a lot less Gang of Four, little more Eurythmics. A modern Touch of hip to outweigh the mope these days.

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