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Lola Dutronic
The World of Lola Dutronic
Bongo Beat

It started as a remix of "Walking on Sunshine" and ended up an entire album of sixties-influenced songs and covers. Producer Richard Citroen and session singer Frankie Hart have made a kitsch but charming record.

"Walking on Sunshine" sounds less irritatingly perky and more languid French pop here. Hart sings in French and samples of "Je t'aime" pop up to set the mood. "To Sir with Love" emerges as a weird fever dream where Hart's distanced vocal is a million miles from Lulu's and robotic rhythm rules. The original song "Mystere" is in keeping with the rest of the record. Dreamy and filmic, whistled intro and all. The impish charm of "Les Cheveaux des Mon Amor" has cute vocals and jazzy chords. The world of Lola Dutronic is a dream world, but it's a lovely place to visit from time to time.

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