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Geoff Baker
Know the Rain Here

Geoff Baker is a new voice to me and a sharp one at that. His words are strong on this record and the melodies memorable. "Jackhammer" is gorgeous and features some great guitar playing from Baker who also plays a host of other instruments on this album.

Baker sings of the loss of love on "A Slap in the face". The layered song features the great line 'as clumsy as a porn star'. On "Black and Blues" he muses 'Can't sleep on a whiskey pillow' and the song is hazy and sad. We get a tribute to Dylan's song with "Just like 'Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues'". Baker invites the most daunting comparison any songwriter can face with open arms. But no, he's not the new Dylan. He's himself and that's more than enough. The fantastic imagery of the song and the wheezing harmonica is great. "Curtain Call" relies entirely on the singer's voice and its strength is its simplicity. This is a strong record.

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