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Various Artists
4 Women No Cry - vol. 1

The Monika label has chosen to highlight the work of four female artists on this compilation cd. Argentina's Rosario Blefari starts with the melancholy "Partir y Renunuciar". The sweet "Nunca" sees her gorgeous vocals wrapped across a soft beat.

Tusia Beridze provides five songs of a very individual nature. "Cuet" is a slow, dreamy meander as Beridze whispers her words across some strings. "Wound" has an artless vocal set to a spinning rhythm. "Only the wound speaking wordlessly in the dark. And now we are strangers walking hand in hand in the night" she intones.

France's Eglantine Gouzy introduces us to a more carefree world. Her "Nurse song" is a wistful little warble. "Zone A" is a playful song with a lovely melody. Austria's Catarina Pratter ends the compilation. Her "Dreamin of Love" is a synth-heavy complex track that betrays a strong talent. The downright scary "Stronger than Before" takes its time and Pratter confronts the listener with her oddly distanced vocal and a backbeat straight out of a horror movie.

This is a great way to get to know these women's talent and a brilliant record in all. No need to cry at all.

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