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flag US - Vermont - Full Moon 106 - 05/23/05

The Capstan Shafts
Seal Cull Rebellion + Hopegetswheels
Ladder the Christmas Monkey Records

Yet another bunch of catchy lo-fi songs out of Dean Wells' mind spread over two EPs.

coverpic Seal Cull Rebellion is the latest (?) release holding 6 short (Dean Wells' trademark) compositions. The EP opens with cautious "Birthdays and Middlenames". The songs on this EP sounds less lo-fi. Somewhat more matured, and laidback. Quite pleasant. But, well, I'm already a big fan of the Capstan Shafts so nevermind me. The indeed charming "Datepanties" - great title! - is one of the better tracks. This time Mr. Wells has kept the noisyer parts down, heading towards the more chiled moments of Jeff Mangum. "Favorite Ambler" is another fine track, as well as the neat closer, "Camel Lightyears". Again, a salute to great titles.

coverpic Hopegetswheels is also a 6 song EP, and I especially like "Dinosaurs to Drive off" and "Fireman Among the Eskimos". In fact I adore the latter. The opening track "Hibiscus Wildzoo pt II" and the closing "Hibiscus Wildzoo pt I" (yes the're put like that) gives the EP a very fine framing. Especially last song (Pt. I) is delicious. I really hope Dean Wells wants to leap out of the undergruond. He sure deserves it.

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