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coverpic flag Sweden - Full Moon 106 - 05/23/05

The Charade
The Best Is Yet To Come
Skipping Stones

The Charade is formed by former members of Swedish pop bands Happydeadmen, Red Sleeping Beauty and Shermans. Their bright, shiny pop owes a lot to Sweden's nineties indie scene. The Cardigans early recordings are a good reference point. Ingela Matsson sings in a girlish coo and the band play sugary melodies.

"Night Time Confession" is a jangly delight. Guitarist Magnus Karlsson keeps his playing soft and sweet. "Lying on My Couch" wryly describes skipping work to stay home and relax. Mikael Matsson's organ adds a nice touch. The sixties-aping "When trouble comes our way" is like a long lost girl group classic. Magnus Karlsson sings lead on the melancholy "On the bar" and sounds just fine.

"It's Summer Again" is an aptly titled summery confection of a song. As a soundtrack to summer this record can't be beat.

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