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The Capstan Shafts
Unreconstructed Lo-Fi Whore
Ladder the Christmas Monkey Records

Some time ago I received an e-mail from this guy Dean Wells asking if he could send us a cd for review. I said yes, and a few weeks later the Capstan Shafts' 6 song CDR mini album/EP Unreconstructed Lo-Fi Whore appeared. It seems Dean Wells is the Capstan Shafts, and the record was a pleasant suprise.

The Capstan Shafts has put out one (?) album, Chick Cigarettes (on Asaurus Records), as well as a fistful (at least 4) of EPs/minis with spectacular titles: Demon Dog of the American Park Service (on Yellow Mica Recordings, a Swedish label based in Göteborg), Hopegetswheels, Ample Tribes for the Sullen King Pounder, The Night Shrine of Well Groomed Lawns - the last three released by Ladder the Christmas Monkey label. Anyway, let's get to the musical content, which is the main issue.

Six songs in just over 9 minutes, none of the songs over 2 minutes long. That's to the point. I sense some Guided By Voices influences here, both in the music as well as the lyrics (and titles). GbV paired with Superchunk. And the attitude is lo-fi. 4 track. Not many retakes. Simple as that. "The Days Don't Pass in Wonder" opens, and is the first sign of a songwriter with an ear fosr the catchy hooks necessary. "Half-Drunk and Assless" is a bit more angry sounding, but yet with this playful touch. "Anniversaries of Genocides" is maybe the most fulfilled song among the sketch-like songs included on this CD. But also "Landfill Dancers", "Cuddleparty Renegade" and "World-Hater Company Song" helps this mini become a very cool teaser.

Cheers to the The Capstan Shafts, I wanna hear some more!

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