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The Perceptionists
Black Dialogue
Definitive Juxtaposition

Mr. Lif, DJ Fakts One, and Akrobatik are the wanning Def Jux label's new Star Team. "Let's Move" sounds too much like Neptunes for my blood. Def Jux is extremely popular now, but c'mon. "People for Prez" has a much better sound, but again it lacks originality. This one just sounds like your average Def Jux tune. Fakts One's cutting is good, but good cutting isn't hard to come by anymore. "Blo" finally delivers an original sound. But I don't like the sound. It's too "we're badass" sounding and not enough "we're creative" sounding. They even try to get political in "Memorial Day", but they aren't saying a damn thing the choir doesn't already know. Fuck.

Def Jux says: "It's a new year, and there is still too much of the same old, same old floating into the world. It's time for something better, something that rap fans deserve and something that they've been waiting for: The Perceptionists - Mr. Lif. Akrobatik. DJ Fakts One."

Whatever. And Black Dialogue is a terrible name for any Definitive Jux release these days because all of their fans are white behind-the-curve hipsters.

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