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coverpic flag Norway - Full Moon 105 - 04/24/05

Thulsa Doom
Need The Air
Big Dipper Records

The second and last track on this single is an mpeg video live version of the previously unreleased song "Got To Have Mine". After several attempts, I've given up to open the file, alas! So let's concentrate on the title track, shall we? "Need The Air" is what might be described as hard rock in the early 70s, as rock with elements of grunge by the late 80s and stoner-rock with a little extra today. Guitarist Reverend Doom Perignon has taken over the vocal duties. He's less, ... eh exhausting, to listen to than his predecessor, and the song has more pop and less stoner-elements than earlier recordings. To me the song sounds like ... rock, dominated by the guitars with some nice melodic pop leanings, especially the vocal harmonies. There's a nice steel guitar break incuded, too! (Normally I hate steel guitars, not so here...) The song is even hummable! And do we hear a string-sounding keyboard thrown in for good measure towards the end? The single - at least the first part - is an excellent appetizer for - and comment on the title of - the new album Keyboard, Oh Lord! Why Don't We, Thulsa's third, that by now hit the streets a little while ago.

There's a sign over the door of the Big Dipper record shop in Oslo with the words Thulsa Doom's Gate. Not without good reason!

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