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flag US, Washington
Capital: Olympia
Population: 5,343,000
- Republicans: 1,002,546
- Democrats: 1,166,484
Bird: Willow Goldfish
Flower: Coast Rhododendron
Motto: Bye and bye
Nickname: The Evergreen State
Song: Washington, My Home
Tree: Western Hemlock
Source: 50 States & Capitals / CNN
CourseFull Moon
Alicia Dara: The Secret Dream of Tigers 12/12/08
Bad Things: Vaudeville show 08/09/06
Bakelite 78: What The Moon Has Done 08/02/12
Band Of Horses: Cease To Begin 10/26/07
Band of Horses: Everything All the Time 04/13/06
Band of Horses: The First Song 07/11/06
Beat Happening: Look Around 11/25/15
Ben Gibbard and Andrew Kenny: Home 03/25/05
Briana Marela: Surrender 06/02/15
Brides of Obscurity: Extended Play 05/02/07
Broken Water: Wrought, 45s, and Seaside 2009-2015 10/27/15
Carissa's Wierd: They'll Only Miss You When You Leave: Songs 1996-2003 07/26/10
Craft Spells: Our Park By Night 12/25/15
Damien Jurado: where shall you take me? 05/16/03
Death Cab For Cutie: Plans 10/18/05
Electrik Emily: Stiletto Rock 06/04/12
Electron Love Theory: Colors of the Galaxy 12/24/07
Eva Moon and the Lunatics: Moon Falling Down 10/04/09
Fall of Troy: Doppelganger 10/18/05
Fleet Foxes: Fleet Foxes 06/18/08
Foxygen: We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic 02/25/13
Gaia Consort: Gaia Circles 09/13/00
Gary Reynolds & The Brides Of Obscurity: Instant Happiness 08/09/06
Gatsby's American Dream: Volcano 10/18/05
Goblin Market: Beneath Far Gondal's Foreign Sky 06/04/12
Grand Archives: Keep In Mind Frankenstein 09/04/09
Grand Archives: The Grand Archives 02/21/08
Green Pajamas: Death By Misadventure 08/31/12
Green Pajamas: Green Pajama Country! 09/12/11
Green Pajamas: In A Glass Darkly 09/02/01
Green Pajamas: Summer of Lust 08/02/12
Green Pajamas: To The End Of The Sea 01/12/17
Hotels: Hydra 02/09/09
Hotels: On The Casino Floor 02/18/11
Hotels: Where Hearts Go Broke 03/11/09
Interkosmos: Invasion Warning / London Mix / Proximity 05/13/06
Jack Endino: Producer, musician, legend 11/16/05
Johnny Forlorn: The First Loss 07/31/04
Karl Blau: Beneath Waves 03/15/06
Kat Terran: Lion and Blue 06/14/03
Ken Stringfellow: "Anything could happen" - an interview with Ken Stringfellow 01/16/14
Ken Stringfellow: Jukebox Pop-Quiz! Cologne, 2001 12/30/01
Ken Stringfellow: Paradiso, Amsterdam, Holland, 29.3.2002 04/27/02
Ken Stringfellow: So What!, Oslo, March 13th 1999 03/31/99
Ken Stringfellow: Soft Commands 12/26/04
Ken Stringfellow: an interview in Seattle 03/20/00
Kinski: Alpine Static 09/19/05
Kinski: Down Below It's Chaos 06/30/07
Korby Lenker: King of Hearts 01/03/07
Kurt Cobain - it's been 10 years: "With the lights out it's less dangerous..." 04/05/04
Legion Within: Aeons 02/24/05
Legion Within: Mouth of Madness 02/28/10
Legion Within: The Empty Men 02/02/07
Levator: The Biggest Waves Come At Night 01/11/09
Lewd interview 05/11/98
Linda Perhacs: Parallelogram 05/30/99
Microphones: Rob Roy Hotel, Fitzroy, Melbourne, AUS, 1.7.04 07/31/04
Microphones: an interview with Phil Elvrum 12/19/02
Minus 5: Harrowing! - A conversation with Scott McCaughey 09/10/03
Minus 5: Of Monkees And Men 09/16/16
Modest Mouse: E-mail interview 07/16/00
Modest Mouse: Good News For People Who Love Bad News 08/30/04
Mount Eerie: Clear Moon 08/31/12
Mount Eerie: Ocean Roar 09/30/12
Mount Eerie: Sauna 04/04/15
Mudhoney: The Lucky Ones 05/20/08
Mudhoney: Under a Billion Suns 04/13/06
Nirvana: Bleach 06/07/09
Nirvana: Nevermind 09/12/11
Nirvana: Nirvana 11/20/02
POP: More Disposable POP Songs 07/05/01
Perfume Genius: All Waters 01/09/12
Perfume Genius: Learning 07/26/10
Perfume Genius: Put Your Back N 2 It 03/08/12
Perfume Genius: Too Bright 12/06/14
Plaintiffs: La Familia 01/14/06
Posies: - an interview with Ken and Jon 10/23/10
Posies: Gleis 22 Club, Münster, Germany 07.11.2000 12/11/00
Posies: an interview with Ken Stringfellow 05/21/16
Pretty Girls Make Graves: Élan Vital 04/13/06
Rochelle House: Water 03/30/10
Rosie Thomas: If Songs Could Be Held 12/15/05
Rosie Thomas: These Friends Of Mine 06/01/07
Sera Cahoone: Only as the Day Is Long 03/21/08
Shining Skulls: Destroy Your Self 02/07/12
Sigourney Reverb: Bees In Your Bed Bad 09/12/11
Sins: The Last One Kills 05/23/05
Sister Hyde: Sister Hyde 01/11/09
Sleater-Kinney: No Cities to Love 02/04/15
Slow Dancing Society: A Warm Glow 07/18/08
Slow Dancing Society: The Cogent Sea 08/10/14
Slow Dancing Society: The Slow and Steady Winter 11/24/07
Slow Dancing Society: The Sound of Lights When Dim 12/05/06
Slow Dancing Society: Under The Sodium Lights 10/23/10
So Pitted: neo 02/22/16
Sonics: This Is The Sonics 07/31/15
Steve Fisk: 999 Levels Of Undo 05/07/01
Thaelo: The Adeen EP 04/24/05
Tiny Vipers: Hands Accross The Void 08/28/07
Tiny Vipers: Life on Erath 09/04/09
Unbunny: Fission, Romance, The West 07/28/99
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