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flag US, Ohio
Capital: Columbus
Population: 11,102,000
- Republicans: 2,796,147
- Democrats: 2,659,664
Bird: Cardinal
Flower: Scarlet Carnation
Motto: With God,
  all things are possible
Nickname: Buckeye State
Tree: Buckeye
Source: 50 States & Capitals / CNN
CourseFull Moon
Afghan Whigs: De Oosterpoort, Groningen, March 20th + Soundgarden, Dortmund, April 4th 1999 04/30/99
Afghan Whigs: an interview - Rick talks 04/30/99
Aloha: Some Echoes 05/13/06
Baby Dee: Safe Inside The Day 03/21/08
Black Keys: The Charlotte, Leicester, UK, 03.09.2003 09/10/03
Boom Bip: Blue-Eyed in the Red Room 03/25/05
Charles McClure e-mail interview, October 1997 10/16/97
Charles McClure: Self titled demo cassette 10/16/97
Chrissie Hynde: Stockholm 07/12/14
Circus Devils: Ataxia 10/14/08
Circus Devils: Capsized! 11/10/11
Circus Devils: Gringo 04/09/09
Crayon Theatrical: The Crayon Theatrical 05/26/02
David Thomas & Two Pale Boys: 18 Monkeys on a Dead Man's Chest 06/03/04
Fable: Weathered 11/13/08
From the psychedelic vaults: Hopkins & Bradley: s/t 12/12/08
Geoff Baker: Alone At Night: A Vampire's Tale 01/07/04
Geraldine: Pure Bastard Rock 03/09/01
Guided By Voices: Half Smiles of the Decomposed 10/28/04
Guided By Voices: Let's Go Eat The Factory 05/06/12
Guided By Voices: Mag Earwhig! 07/20/97
Guided By Voices: The Charlotte, Leicester, UK, 28.09.03 10/10/03
Kate Voegele: Don't Look Away 11/24/07
Kim Taylor: I Feel Like A Fading Light 04/02/07
Kramies: Coal Miners Executive Club 11/10/11
Kramies: The European 12/10/11
Moon Dance Experiment: Your Movements 02/08/01
Obnox: Boogalou Reed 06/02/15
Pere Ubu: Carnival Of Souls 10/08/14
Pere Ubu: Irene b/w Moonstruck 07/12/14
Pere Ubu: Lady From Shanghai 01/27/13
Pere Ubu: Lady From Shanghai 02/25/13
Pere Ubu: Pennsylvania 04/12/98
Pere Ubu: Performs The Annotated Modern Dance 06/15/11
Pere Ubu: Why I Hate Women 10/07/06
Robert Pollard and His Soft Rock Renegades: Choreographed Man of War 11/30/01
Robert Pollard: Mouseman Cloud 06/04/12
Robert Pollard: Waved Out 12/03/98
Scrawl: Nature Film 05/11/98
TheMoonDanceExperiment: Fall Awake In Your Dreams Tonight 05/18/00
Them Wranch: Medium Rare 04/08/01
Times New Viking: Born Again Revisited 11/02/09
Upstate: Missing: The Official Soundtrack 02/06/04
Various Artists: The Electronic Tribute to Pink Floyd + Radiant Decay: a Tribute to Nine Inch Nails 02/19/00
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