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flag US, New York
Capital: Albany
Population: 18,169,000
- Republicans: 2,782,457
- Democrats: 3,971,059
Bird: Bluebird
Flower: Rose
Motto: Excelsior
Nickname: Empire State
Song: I Love New York
Tree: Sugar maple
Source: 50 States & Capitals / CNN
CourseFull Moon
Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Fever To Tell 05/16/03
46bliss: Pistachio Home 02/19/00
Aarktica: Bleeding Light 04/24/05
Ada Calhoun: St. Marks Is Dead [book] 01/24/16
Adam Green: Adam Green 06/24/02
Adriana: Tag 11/02/09
Adrienne Pierce: My Heavens 04/25/13
Ahmond: A Boy You Once Knew 01/11/09
Ahmond: Monster & Minstrel 06/26/10
Akron/Family: ATL2ELP 01/27/13
Akron/Family: Sub Verses 04/25/13
Alexa Ray Joel: Sketches 03/04/07
Alice Lee: Lovers and Losers 07/21/05
Alice Lee: The Art of Forgetting 07/02/04
Alice Marie: Angels Near 09/19/05
Allan Harris: Black Bar Jukebox 05/04/15
Allison Moorer: Crows 05/28/10
Ameet Kamath: Greasy Rails 03/19/11
Amy Allison: Sheffield Streets 02/28/10
Amy Coleman: Goodbye New York 01/19/11
Amy Kohn: PlexiLusso 12/06/14
Amy Speace: The Killer In Me 06/07/09
Angels of Light: Sing "Other People" 04/24/05
Ann Courtney & The Late Bloomers: Crocodile 04/09/09
Annie Fitzgerald: In Good Time 02/18/11
Annie Keating: For Keeps 03/27/13
Antipop Consortium: Arrhythmia 05/26/02
Antony and the Johnsons: I Am a Bird Now 04/24/05
Ari Shine: Songs of Solomon 04/25/13
Asobi Seksu: Thursday 08/09/06
Assault: A Long Story from My Perspective 06/11/06
Assembly of Dust: Some Assembly Required 02/18/11
Astronauts of Antiquity: Rocket Science for Dummies 05/09/09
Atoosa Grey: When The Cardinals Come 04/18/11
Avey Tare's Slasher Flicks: Enter the Slasher House 05/14/14
Avey Tare's Slasher Flicks: Little Fang 04/15/14
Avey Tare: Down There 11/21/10
Bear In Heaven: Time Is Over One Day Old 09/09/14
Bedsit Poets: The Summer That Changed 12/15/05
Big Numbers: Spectrum 10/21/02
Bill Madden: New Religion 10/08/14
Bishop Allen: Lights Out 10/08/14
Black Dice: Beaches & Canyons 11/20/02
Blackloud: 6th 6th 6th / Mysterious Waves 10/18/05
Blonde Redhead: Øyafestivalen, Oslo, 11.08.01 09/02/01
Blonde Redhead: 23 06/01/07
Blonde Redhead: Barragán 09/09/14
Blonde Redhead: Dripping 08/10/14
Blonde Redhead: Here Sometimes 08/24/10
Blonde Redhead: Misery Is a Butterfly 04/05/04
Blood on the Wall: Mary Susan (7") 02/02/07
Blue Öyster Cult: Agents of Fortune 04/13/06
Blue Knight with James Gilchrist: A Very Special Compilation 10/18/05
Bob Dylan: Bootleg Series Volume 4 .. 12/03/98
Bob Dylan: Tell Tale Signs : The Bootleg Series Vol. 8 10/14/08
Bob Dylan: The Best Of The Cutting Edge 1965-1966: The Bootleg Series Vol. 12 12/25/15
Bob Mould: Beauty & Ruin 07/12/14
Bob Mould: Last Dog and Pony Show 09/06/98
Bob Mould: Patch The Sky 04/22/16
Brad Shepik: Human Activity Suite 02/09/09
Brand New: The Devil and God are Raging Inside Me 01/03/07
Britta Phillips: Luck Or Magic 06/20/16
Broken Bells: Broken Bells 04/28/10
Brother Earth: Out Like A Lion 09/09/14
Brother Earth: Positive Haywires 12/06/14
Brother Joscephus and the Love Revival Revolution Orchestra: s/t 07/07/09
Buzz Prophets: Kentucky 04/30/99
Calla - an interview with ... 03/18/03
Campfire Songs: Campfire Songs 08/12/03
Carol Lipnik and Spookorama: Hope Street 12/19/02
Cat Power: The Covers Record 04/18/00
Cat Power: The Greatest 03/15/06
Cat Power: an interview with... 06/16/00
Chairlift: Does You Inspire You 06/07/09
Charming: Turn Down the Lights 05/02/07
Chris Brokaw: - Brokaw, on his new album The Periscope Twins 02/04/15
Chris Brokaw: The Codeine story 05/06/12
Chris Brokaw: The Periscope Twins 04/04/15
Chrissy Coughlin: Look Ahead 04/09/09
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah: Clap Your Hands Say Yeah 10/18/05
Clare Burson: Thieves 10/26/07
Coheed and Cambria: Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV, Volume 1: From Fear Through the Eyes of Madness 10/17/05
Come Down: Whose side are you on, anyway? EP 06/14/03
Conchita Campos: So It Goes 08/16/08
Consultants: Work from Home 09/19/05
Copernicus: Nothing Exists 06/26/10
Cupéro: Cupéro 10/04/09
Curse: Curse 07/13/03
Curtis Eller's American Circus: Wirewalkers & Assassins 10/14/08
Cy Dune: Shake 11/06/14
DFA Label Overview: LCD Soundsystem/The Rapture/The Juan Maclean 02/16/03
DM Stith: Heavy Ghost 05/09/09
Dangermouse: The Grey Album 03/06/04
Dark Dark Dark: Bright Bright Bright 03/30/10
David Francis: Cassette 01/05/15
David Grubbs: A Guess at the Riddle 07/02/04
David Grubbs: An Optimist Notes the Dusk 10/14/08
David Grubbs: Prismrose 05/21/16
David Grubbs: The Plain Where the Palace Stood 06/23/13
Daydream on Autopilot: Better Off Alone 12/12/08
Death of Jason Brody: The Death of Jason Brody 08/28/07
Dejha Colantuono: Tea and Vodka 04/28/10
Derek Bishop: Resistance Is Beautiful 08/31/12
Diana Berry: Very Berry 10/17/05
Dirty Projectors: Swing Lo Magellan 08/02/12
Discovery: LP 07/07/09
Doug Keith: In full control - an interview with... 02/15/14
Ducktails: The Flower Lane 01/27/13
East River Pipe: What Are You on? 04/13/06
Ellsworth: Bright Red Road 04/28/10
Essex Green: The Essex Green 04/18/00
Every Boy: The Last Lala's 04/28/10
Excepter: Sunbomber EP 04/13/06
Ezra Reich: Freeze the Night 08/12/03
Finesse & Runway: Finesse & Runway 02/24/05
Fischerspooner: Odyssey 01/14/06
Foxygen: We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic 02/25/13
Frank Grimaldi: Balance 04/24/05
Freak Owls: Orchestrates 02/07/12
Freak Owls: Taxidermy 03/19/11
Gandalf Murphy and the Slambovian Circus of Dreams: Flapjacks from the Sky 11/24/07
Ghost Of A Saber Tooth Tiger: GOASTT Stories 06/02/15
Gob Iron: Death Songs for the Living 03/04/07
Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five: The Message (2005 Reissue) 10/18/05
Gretchen Witt: Demo EP 03/25/05
Grizzly Bear: Gun-Shy [Lindstrøm remix] 02/25/13
Grizzly Bear: Shields 09/30/12
Grizzly Bear: Sleeping Ute 08/02/12
Grizzly Bear: Veckatimest 06/07/09
Ground Sound: Pay Attention 05/28/10
Hamish Kilgour: All of It and Nothing 12/06/14
Harry Chapin: Story of a Life 01/21/00
Hazel Lord: Venus in the Street 09/10/03
Headless Heroes: The Silence of Love 03/11/09
Hellwood: Chainsaw Of Life 03/04/07
Hold Steady: Heaven Is Whenever 05/28/10
Hold Steady: Seperation Sunday 04/24/05
Hotels: Hydra 02/09/09
Hotels: Where Hearts Go Broke 03/11/09
HuDost: Trapeze 10/04/09
Hudson K: Shine 12/10/11
Ikue Mori: Labyrinth 03/28/02
Interpol + Snowmen: Metro, Melbourne, AUS, 27.7.05 09/19/05
Interpol: Turn on the Bright Lights 12/19/02
Jacqui Sutton and the Frontier Jazz Orchestra: Notes from the Frontier 03/27/13
Janid: Twisted 07/07/09
Jason Brody: To The Quick 12/26/04
Jazz Cannon: an interview with Billy C. 02/08/01
Jeannine Hebb: Too Late To Change Me 06/07/09
Jeannine Hebb: Whileaway 03/08/12
Jennifer Zarine: Fresh Made Cuppa Tea 09/23/10
Jennings: Collapse, Collide 10/12/11
Jennings: Storybook EP 11/02/09
Jenny Owen Youngs: Transmitter Failure 11/02/09
Jim O'Rourke, Kim Gordon, Ikue Mori and DJ Olive +: RFH, London, 26.04.2002 05/26/02
Jocelyn Medina: We Are Water 11/10/11
Jodi Jett: Revelations 02/24/05
Joe Soko: Floss Like a Beast 07/18/08
John Zorn, Marc Ribot, John Medeski and Kenny Wollesen: July 5th 1998, Tonic, New York 08/08/98
Julianna Barwick: The Magic Place 11/10/11
K. Salvatore: The Counterfeiter 08/04/01
KJ Denhert: Dal Vivo a Umbria Jazz 06/07/09
Kara Suzanne and the GoJo Hearts: Aumsville EP 06/11/06
Kathryn Smith: With Every Breath I Take 03/19/11
Kelis: Kelis Was Here 10/07/06
Kevin Morby: Still Life 11/06/14
Keyth Lawrence and the Purple Circle: Figures 06/03/04
Kincaid: Plays Super Hawaii 05/18/00
LCD Soundsystem: LCD Soundsystem 01/25/05
LVL UP: Return To Love 10/16/16
La Laque: Demo 02/02/07
Ladybug Transistor: The Albemarle Sound 05/30/99
Lana del Rey: Honeymoon 10/27/15
Lane Steinberger: The Return of Noel Coward's Ghost 09/07/06
Laura DiStasi: Laura DiStasi 01/09/12
Lauren Edman: It's Always the Quiet One 10/29/12
Lauren O'Brien: Inconsequential Dream 05/17/11
Laurie Anderson: Mister Heartbreak 02/15/14
Lee Ranaldo: Between The Times And The Tides 04/06/12
Left Banke: Walk Away Renée 07/20/16
Levon Helm: Electric Dirt 10/04/09
Lewis Allen "Lou" Reed: 2 March 1942 - 27 October 2013 11/17/13
Lia Ices: Ices 10/08/14
Liam Singer: Arc Iris 11/17/13
Liam Singer: Dislocatia 09/23/10
Liam Singer: Nine Ten 07/22/13
Liam Singer: Stranger I Know 03/27/13
Liars: Drum's Not Dead 02/13/06
Lily Sparks: Cooper Cobra 09/23/10
Lin-Manuel Miranda et al.: Hamilton - Original Broadway Cast Recording 12/14/16
Liquid Tension Experiment: Liquid Tension Experiment 2 07/28/99
Lisa Bianco: Post Data 06/07/09
Lost Patrol: Chasing Shadows 01/05/15
Lost Patrol: Dark Matter 07/26/10
Lost Patrol: Driven 06/23/13
Lost Patrol: Launch and Landing 02/21/08
Lost Patrol: Midnight Matinee 01/11/09
Lost Patrol: Rocket Surgery 01/09/12
Lou Reed: Berlin 07/22/13
Lou Reed: New York 01/05/15
Lovely Intangibles: Air & Numbers 11/14/16
Low Water: Who Said That Life Is Over 06/01/07
Luna interview 07/20/97
Luna: Live in Cologne, Germany 08.10.2002 10/21/02
Lymbyc Systym: Shutter Release 03/30/10
Lythion: ...From The Beginning 10/28/04
Mad Juana: Acoustic Voodoo 05/02/07
Madder Rose: Mary Lorson talking 09/25/99
Maggie Kim: Love Like Everyone 09/04/09
Magic Eye Party, Threadwaxing Space, 03.09.97 09/16/97
Magnetic Fields: Prime Club, Cologne, GER, 03.11.00 + De Balie, Amsterdam, NL, 04.11.00 01/09/01
Magnetic Fields: an interview with Stephin Merritt 08/15/00
Marianne Pillsbury: The Wrong Marianne 04/05/04
Marilyn Carino: Little Genius 03/08/12
Mary Lou Lord & Jill Sobule: Knitting Factory, NYC, NY, July 23rd 1999 08/26/99
Mary P Domhan: I Love Your Strange 11/16/05
Matt & Kim: Grand 06/07/09
Matt Valentine: Tonight One Night Only! MV & EE in Heaven 07/24/02
Mercury Rev: Prime Club, Cologne, January 24th 1999 03/02/99
Mercury Rev: Secret Migration 01/25/05
Mercury Rev: a celebration of music 03/02/99
Michael Bellar/The As-Is Ensemble: Turned On Turned Up 12/21/10
Michael Gira: I Am Singing to You from My Room 02/24/05
Michael Leonhart: Hotel Music 07/18/08
Mirror Reveals: This Infinite Eye 09/28/04
Mistaken For Strangers: A film by Tom Berninger, about The National" 10/19/13
Moby: Bowery Ballroom, NYC, NY, July 29th 1999 08/26/99
Moby: Wait For Me 07/07/09
Monocle: Chances Glide 03/27/13
Monocle: Lounge Act EP 09/07/06
Monocle: Outer Sunset 12/24/07
Mudville: The Glory of man is not in vogue 02/06/04
Music Tapes: Mary's Voice 09/30/12
Music Tapes: Music Tapes for Clouds and Tornadoes 10/14/08
Music Tapes: The First Imaginary Symphony For Nomad 08/26/99
My Brightest Diamond: A Thousand Shark's Teeth 07/18/08
National: I Need My Girl 03/16/14
National: The Corner Hotel, Melbourne, AUSTRALIA, 19.1.08 02/21/08
National: Trouble Will Find Me 06/23/13
New York Stories: at the movies 08/08/98
Nicholas Howard: God is in the City 07/07/09
Norah Jones: Not Too Late 02/02/07
Oberhofer: Chronovision 12/25/15
Oneohtrix Point Never: R Plus Seven 10/19/13
Only Ones: Even Serpents Shine 03/11/09
POP ETC: POP ETC 07/03/12
Panda Bear: Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper 02/04/15
Panda Bear: Tomboy 05/17/11
Panda Bear: Young Prayer 11/26/04
Parker and Lily: Hello Halo 10/02/01
Patrick Cleandenim: Baby Comes Home 06/30/07
Patti Rothberg: Double Standards 04/09/09
Patti Smith: Horses (Reissue) 10/18/05
Paul Pimlser Music: Paul Pimlser Music 05/16/03
Penny Nichols: Colors of the Sun: Penny Nichols Sings the early songs of Jackson Browne 08/31/12
Perrotta: Tonight 08/13/11
Persuasions: Sunday Morning Soul 04/18/00
Planetary Nights: Elliptical Motion 12/31/09
Princess Superstar: Princess Superstar Is 10/02/01
Professor and Maryann: Runaway Favourite 12/08/03
Public Enemy: Dublin Red Box, 02.06.2000 06/16/00
Puppetbox: Puppetbox 08/06/09
Rachael Sage: Chandelier 10/14/08
Rachael Sage: Public Record 11/09/03
Rachael Sage: The Blistering Sun 04/20/08
Ramones: The Ramones 05/13/06
Rasputina: Sister Kinderhook 10/23/10
Regina Spektor: Soviet Kitsch 07/02/04
Rich Bennett: Aisle 8: The Underwater Supermarket 09/15/08
Rich Bennett: DiBenedetto 05/25/13
Rich Bennett: Misty Valley 06/26/10
Richard Davies: Barbarians 07/24/02
Richard Lloyd: July 16th 1998, Internet Café, New York 08/08/98
Rob Skane: Phantom Power Trip 09/12/11
Rob Skane: Self Noise 01/18/03
Rolling Stone Cover to Cover: The First 40 Years (4 x DVD-ROM) 03/21/08
Rupert Wates: The Rank Outsiders Ball 01/05/15
Ryan Blotnick: Everything Forgets 11/02/09
Sabado Domingo: The First Day of Reinvention 11/30/01
Saint Low: what Mary Lorson said 12/11/00
Sarah Aroeste: Gracia 12/28/12
Sarah Perrotta: The Well 02/21/08
Scissor Sisters: Comfortably Numb 04/05/04
Scissor Sisters: Filthy and Gorgeous 05/23/05
Scott Matthew: There Is An Ocean That Divides... 07/07/09
Sean Noonan's Brewed By Noon: Boxing Dreams 09/04/09
Secret History: Desolation Town EP 02/09/09
Semi Precious Weapons: The Magnetic EP 06/30/07
Sharon Van Etten: An interview with... 11/28/12
Shelly Bhushan: Picking Daisies 03/21/08
Sheri Miller: Winning Hand 07/15/11
Sisyphus: Sisyphus 04/15/14
Sky Salt: I Believe In Fairy Tales 08/30/04
Small Black / Washed Out: Split 7" 03/30/10
Sonic Youth - a thousand words ... 01/31/99
Sonic Youth: Goo 07/02/15
Sonic Youth: Murray Street 07/24/02
Sonic Youth: Sacred Trickster 06/07/09
Sonic Youth: The Eternal 07/07/09
Spielerfrau: The Sad Part 02/02/07
States: Previn Warren and Joe Stroll A the Qs 06/11/06
Steely Dan: The Royal Scam 05/21/16
Stephanie Wright: The Turning Point 05/16/03
Steven Mark: Aloneaphobe 09/07/06
Steven Mark: Racing Grey 10/26/07
Strokes: Is This It 10/02/01
Strokes: The Modern Age EP 06/06/01
Sue Garner: To Run More Smoothly 12/03/98
Sufjan Stevens: All Delighted People EP 09/23/10
Sufjan Stevens: Blue Bucket of Gold (remix) 10/27/15
Sufjan Stevens: Carrie & Lowell 04/04/15
Sufjan Stevens: Come on feel the Illinoise 06/22/05
Sufjan Stevens: Greetings From Michigan - The Great Lake State 12/08/03
Sufjan Stevens: No Shade in the Shadow of the Cross 03/05/15
Sufjan Stevens: Seven Swans 04/05/04
Sufjan Stevens: Silver & Gold 12/28/12
Sufjan Stevens: The Age of Adz 10/23/10
Sufjan Stevens: The Avalanche: Outtakes & Extras from Illinois Album 08/09/06
Sufjan Stevens: The BQE 11/02/09
Swans: To Be Kind 06/13/14
Sylvarluxe: And then she heard the echo of the BIG BANG 05/20/08
Sylvarluxe: Viva 02/13/06
Sylvia Tosun: All This Time 12/26/04
T-Model Ford / Buddy Guy: BB King's, 04.11.02, New York City 09/21/02
Taking Back Sunday: Where You Want To Be 09/28/04
Talib Kweli and Madlib: Liberation 02/02/07
Telling on Trixie: Ugly, Broke & Sober 07/07/09
Ten Year Vamp: Don't Act Like You Know Me 03/30/10
Ten Year Vamp: Lust 02/07/12
The Men: Devil Music 12/14/16
Thurston Moore Band: John Dee, Oslo 15.11.2015 12/25/15
Thurston Moore: Benediction 04/18/11
Thurston Moore: Demolished Thoughts 06/15/11
Thurston Moore: The Best Day 11/06/14
Tony Conrad with Faust: Outside the Dream Syndicate: 30th Anniversary Edition 12/19/02
Tonye Christopher: I dreamt I was a rockstar / Undercovers with John Mayer 10/04/09
Vampire Weekend: Contra 01/30/10
Vampire Weekend: Horchata 11/02/09
Various Artists: Antifolk (Vol. 1) 10/21/02
Various Artists: Ork Records: New York, New York 11/25/15
Velvet Underground: The Velvet Underground & Nico : Deluxe Edition 09/21/02
Velvet Underground: The Velvet Underground Deluxe Edition and Super Deluxe Edition 01/05/15
Velvet Underground: White Light/White Heat - Deluxe/Super Deluxe Edition 01/16/14
Versus: Afterglow EP 05/30/99
Versus: July 10th 1998, Bowery Ballroom, New York 08/08/98
Versus: On the Ones and Threes 08/24/10
Victoria Faiella: Wild Butterfly 03/08/12
Voltaire: Boo Hoo 08/22/02
Vortex: Vortex 06/03/04
Waxahatchee: Air 02/04/15
Waxahatchee: Ivy Tripp 05/04/15
Wooden Wand and the Vanishing Voice: Gipsy Freedom 04/13/06
Woods: Be All Be Easy b/w God's Children 07/22/13
Woods: Bend Beyond 11/28/12
Woods: City Sun Eater in the River of Light 04/22/16
Woods: With Light And With Love 06/13/14
Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Machine 11/20/02
Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Show Your Bones 04/13/06
Yeasayer: Ambling Alp 12/31/09
Yeasayer: Odd Blood 01/30/10
bEEdEEgEE: Sum/One 01/16/14
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