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flag US, Louisiana
Capital: Baton Rouge
Population: 4,315,000
- Republicans: 1,101,710
- Democrats: 818,211
Bird: Eastern Brown Pelican
Flower: Magnolia
Motto: Union, justice, and confidence
Nickname: Pelican State
Song: Give Me Louisiana
Tree: Cypress
Source: 50 States & Capitals / CNN
CourseFull Moon
Amelia Blake: Old Horses 01/07/04
Bayou Jacque: six song demo 01/31/99
Benjamin Booker: Benjamin Booker 10/08/14
Brother Joscephus and The Love Revival Revolution Orchestra: Live at the Brooklyn Bowl 09/12/11
Dark Dark Dark: Bright Bright Bright 03/30/10
Gutter Twins: Saturnalia 02/21/08
Iguanas: Sugar Town 05/11/98
Robert Pete Williams: Robert Pete Williams 08/22/02
Walter "Wolfman" Washington: On the Prowl 04/18/00
Zydecosis: Zydeco All Night 11/02/09
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