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flag US, California
Capital: Sacramento
Population: 31,431,000
- Republicans: 4,403,495
- Democrats: 5,427,055
Bird: California Valley Quail
Flower: Golden Poppy
Motto: Eureka
Nickname: Golden State
Song: I Love You, California
Tree: California redwood
Source: 50 States & Capitals / CNN
CourseFull Moon
(Creation of) Sunlight: (Creation of) Sunlight 05/20/08
13 & God: The Notwist and Themselves 03/25/05
AWMA: AWMA EP 10/27/15
Aceyalone & RJD2: Magnificent City 05/13/06
Admiral Radley: I Heart California 09/23/10
Agnes Szelag: Catch The Moon 02/04/15
Album Leaf: Into The Blue Again 12/05/06
Alias & Tarsier: Brookland/Oaklyn 06/11/06
Allison Sattinger: Allison Sattinger 02/24/05
Alu: Infomerical Gasmask 11/26/04
Alu: Lobotomy Sessions 08/16/08
Alu: Madhouse Masquerade 09/30/12
Annie Barker: Mountains and Tumult 01/22/08
Aoede: Push and Pull 07/18/08
Arden Kaywin: Quarter Life Crisis 12/15/05
Ari Shine: A Force Of One 11/24/07
Ari Shine: Age/Occupation 06/30/07
Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti: Before Today 06/26/10
Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti: Worn Copy 05/23/05
Ariel Pink: pom pom 01/05/15
Arlo: Up High In The Night 06/06/01
Arm Of Roger: The Ham and its Lily 08/12/03
Artichoke: Never mind the bollocks here's the Sex Pistols by Artichoke 04/02/07
August Born: August Born 11/16/05
Avi Buffalo: At Best Cuckold 10/08/14
BREAD ALONE 12/19/02
Balustrade Ensemble: Renewed Brilliance 11/25/15
Bangles: Ladies And Gentlemen... The Bangles! 07/20/16
Beach Boys: Smile 01/03/07
Beach Boys: The Smile Sessions 11/10/11
Beachwood Sparks: Once We Were Trees 11/01/01
Beck: Defriended 06/23/13
Beck: Dreams 07/02/15
Beck: GUAU! (Wow M.I.S. remix) 08/18/16
Beck: Gimme 09/19/13
Beck: Guero 03/25/05
Beck: I Just Started Hating Some People Today 07/03/12
Beck: I Won't Be Long 07/22/13
Beck: Los Angeles Song Reader Show 11/17/13
Beck: Morning Phase 03/16/14
Beck: Odelay 11/05/06
Beck: Sea Change 11/20/02
Beck: Wow 06/20/16
Ben Harper: Both Sides of the Gun 05/13/06
Beth Custer: In the Broken Fields Where I Lie 11/23/99
Bill Madden: Child of the Same God 11/13/08
Bill Madden: Gone 04/13/06
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club: Prime Club, Cologne, Germany, 23.2.2002 02/27/02
Blue Sky Black Death + hey willpower + Phantom Planet: more of Mateo's jukebox faves 07/11/06
Blues Divine: That's What It Takes 08/28/07
Bob Dylan: Live at the Garde Arts Center, January 14th 1998 03/13/98
Bob Dylan: Modern Times 09/07/06
Bob Dylan: Pawtucket, McCoy Stadium, Rhode Island, 24.08.2006 09/07/06
Brett Dennen: Hope For The Hopeless 03/11/09
Brett Dennen: So Much More 03/04/07
Brian Wilson performs SMiLE: Regent Theatre, Melbourne, AUS, 9.12.04 12/26/04
Brian Wilson: I Just Wasn't Made for These Times 08/29/15
Brian Wilson: No Pier Pressure 05/04/15
Brian Wilson: SMiLE 09/28/04
Brian Wilson: Smile 04/05/04
Brian Wilson: That Lucky Old Sun 09/15/08
Brian Wilson: That Lucky Old Sun 09/15/08
Built Like Alaska: Autumnland 05/23/05
Bull Lee: Bull Lee 02/24/05
Bull Lee: Bull Lee 06/01/07
Bull Lee: Fairfax Ave EP 05/13/06
Busdriver: Fear of a Black Tangent 04/24/05
Byrds: Eight Miles High 03/23/16
Cactus: Night is Rising on the World 02/13/06
Calaveras: Green Girl 12/31/09
California Guitar Trio: Pathways 03/02/99
Campo Bravo: Goodbye, Oklahoma 02/02/07
Capt. Beefheart & His Magic Band: Grow Fins 08/26/99
Caseworker: Dependence Day 10/19/13
Caseworker: Letters From The Coast 10/12/11
Caseworker: National Runner 09/12/11
Caseworker: Voices Out There 12/17/13
Castanets: Cathedral 10/18/05
Castanets: First Light's Freeze 11/16/05
Chamber of Echoes: Unbound And Set Free / Under Lock And Key 10/23/10
Charlotte Martin: Stromata 09/07/06
Charlotte Martin: Veins 03/15/06
Charlotte Martin: an interview with... 04/13/06
Chuck E Weiss: Red Bean And Weiss 05/14/14
Chuck Prophet: Soap and Water 09/26/07
Circe Link: Moody Girl 11/05/06
Circe Link: More Songs! 03/06/04
Coachwhips: Get Yer Body Next Ta Mine 10/10/03
Comets on Fire + Grey Daturas + My Disco: The Corner, Melbourne, AUSTRALIA, 8.3.07 04/02/07
Corbi Wright: Hi Guyz 12/26/04
Curtains: Calamity 04/02/07
DJ Shadow: Private Press 06/24/02
Daedalus: The Exquisite Corpse 04/24/05
Daevid Allen's University Of Errors: Ugly Music For Monica 12/19/02
Dafni: Charlie's Lonely Sunday 06/18/08
Dafni: Drifting in Circles 02/13/06
Dafni: Sweet Time 01/19/11
Danielle LoPresti and the Masses: 22 Mountains 11/09/03
Deborah Crooks: Other Halves 04/18/11
Deep 6 Holiday: Awake at the Funeral 12/12/08
Deerhoof + My Disco: Corner, Melbourne, Australia, 10.03.2007 05/02/07
Deerhoof: Deerhoof vs. Evil 02/18/11
Deerhoof: Friend Opportunity 03/04/07
Deerhoof: Halfbird 04/27/02
Deerhoof: La Isla Bonita 11/06/14
Deerhoof: Northcote Social Club, Melbourne, 10.2.06 02/13/06
Deerhoof: Offend Maggie 11/13/08
Deerhoof: The Magic 08/18/16
Delbert McClinton: Acquired Taste 11/02/09
Demonika and The Darklings: Shelter 04/20/08
Denotts: Denotts Vol. 1 08/09/06
Devics: Push the Heart 05/13/06
Devil Doll: Queen of Pain 06/24/02
Diamanda Galas: Malediction and Prayer 11/04/98
Diamanda Galas: Schrei X 01/23/97
Dieterich & Barnes: The Coral Casino 05/21/16
Divasonic: Changing Wind 04/20/08
Divisible: Less Than Lion 01/30/10
Doc Heide And The Pills: Peaceful Kingdom 01/03/07
Doctor Echo presents: St. Croix: Echo Evahlastin' 07/11/06
Doctor Echo: Doctor Echo 06/22/05
Don van Vliet AKA Captain Beefheart: January 15, 1941 - December 17, 2010 12/21/10
Donkeys: Born with Stripes 06/15/11
Dudley Saunders: The Emergency Lane 09/04/09
Dum Dum Girls: He Gets Me High 03/19/11
Dune Tran: Heart Anchors 08/06/09
Ebb and Flow: Time to Echolocate 07/21/05
Ed Cassidy: 4 May 1923 - 6 December 2012 12/28/12
Eddie the Rat: Lip-synching at Zero Gravity 11/26/04
Eels: Electro-Shock Blues 11/04/98
Eels: Wonderful, Glorious 02/25/13
El Radio Fantastique: Stories for Little Atoms 12/05/06
Elected: Sun, Sun, Sun 04/13/06
Endless: The Republic of Heaven 03/15/06
Esza Kaye: Tinged With Machine 12/10/11
Evil Beaver: Models of virtue EP 09/07/06
Explorers Club: Age of Impact 08/08/98
Extra Glenns: Martial Arts Weekend 03/28/02
Fabulous Disaster: Panty Raid 08/12/03
False Alarm / Youth Gone Mad: Tell Me Who I Am / Frogman (From Mars) 02/18/11
Family Of The Year: Through The Trees 08/13/11
Film School: The director's cut - a short conversation with... 02/13/06
Fisher: One 07/28/99
Foxygen: ...And Star Power 12/06/14
Foxygen: Cosmic Vibrations 11/06/14
Foxygen: We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic 02/25/13
Frances England: Fascinating Creatures 04/13/06
Fuji Minx: Users Cheaters Theaters 02/21/08
Gardens & Villa: Music for Dogs 09/28/15
Gene Clark: No Other 09/10/03
Geoff Baker: Adding Up the Everything We Lost 05/09/09
Geoff Baker: Know the Rain Here 07/21/05
George Ellsworth: American Compost 05/02/07
Giana Nguyen: For Now 05/06/12
Gilli Moon: The Stillness 02/18/11
Gillian Welch: Time (The Revelator) 09/02/01
Gina Villalobos: Miles Away 04/02/07
Grandaddy: - an interview in Cologne 04/18/00
Grandaddy: Excerpts from the Diary of Todd Zilla 10/17/05
Grandaddy: Just Like The Fambly Cassette 04/20/08
Grandaddy: Just Like The Fambly Cat 06/11/06
Grandaddy: Sumday 07/13/03
Grandaddy: The Corner Hotel, Richmond, Melbourne, 8.5.04 06/03/04
Grandaddy: The Liquid Room, Edinburgh, 29.08.2000 10/13/00
Grandaddy: The Sophtware Slump 07/16/00
Grandaddy: Way We Won't 11/14/16
Grant-Lee Phillips: Strangelet 06/01/07
Gratitude: Gratitude 10/17/05
Green And Yellow TV: As Performed By 04/08/01
Green And Yellow TV: Sinister Barrier 04/13/06
Griddle: Klimty Favela 09/07/06
Half Film: East of Monument + The Road to the Crater 10/29/12
Half Film: Machines, Hawks and the Perfect Equation 09/30/12
Harlequin Jones: ep. 03/04/07
Heaven is Where: Stories From Yesterday 06/26/10
Holly Long: Frequency 05/17/11
Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions: - words of Hope 11/30/01
Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions: Bavarian Fruit Bread 12/30/01
Hope Sandoval & the Warm Inventions: Through The Devil Softly 10/04/09
Icky's Ego: Icky's Ego 11/21/10
Ira Ingber: Fact Flavored Fiction(s) 11/10/11
Ira Ingber: Here is Where 12/05/06
Ira Ingber: Time Sensitive 06/02/15
Irving: Death In The Garden, Blood On The Flowers 06/11/06
J Walker and Gilli Moon: Skillz 04/09/09
Jane Lui: Barkentine 12/24/07
Jason Lytle & Aaron Espinoza: This Is Your Day OST 09/28/15
Jason Lytle: Dept. of Disappearance 10/29/12
Jason Lytle: House Show - A Live Recording, May 17, 2014 01/05/15
Jason Lytle: Merry X-mas 2009 from... 12/31/09
Jason Lytle: Yours Truly, The Commuter 06/07/09
Jeff Wagner's Tunnel of Love: An Eternity of Blood 09/15/08
Jel: Soft Money 04/13/06
Jesca Hoop: Kismet 12/24/07
Jesu / Sun Kil Moon: Jesu / Sun Kil Moon 01/24/16
Jetliner: Jetliner 02/06/04
Joanna Newsom: Joanna Newsom & The Ys Street Band E.P. 12/24/07
Joanna Newsom: Walnut Whales 03/18/03
Joe Henry: Scar 09/02/01
John Adams: Doctor Atomic 10/17/05
John Dissed: JD EP 03/21/08
John Shipe: Villain 06/15/11
John Vanderslice and Suburban Kids w/ Biblical Names: Blå, Oslo, 12.11.2006 12/05/06
Johnnie Burton: Honey and Blood 08/28/07
Johnnie Burton: Johnnie Burton 03/15/06
Jon Riley: Dusk on hwy. 37 05/04/04
Jon Riley: What Kind of Animal are you? 01/14/06
Jonathan Richman: a brief interview with ... 03/31/99
Jude Johnstone: Blue Light 10/26/07
Jude Johnstone: Mr Sun 11/13/08
Jude Johnstone: Quiet Girl 10/12/11
Jude Johnstone: Shatter 09/19/13
Julia Francis: Lucky Penny 09/15/08
Julia Holter: Loud City Song 09/19/13
Julia Othmer: Oasis Motel 05/13/06
Juliette Commagère: Queens Die Proudly 04/09/09
Jupiter Rising: Electropop 10/26/07
Kate Reid: Sentimental Mood 03/11/09
Katie Guthorn: Why Not Smile? 04/06/12
Kelley Stoltz: Circular Sounds 01/22/08
Kelley Stoltz: The Sun Comes Through EP 03/15/06
Kelley Stoltz: To Dreamers 10/23/10
Kevin Morby: Beautiful Strangers b/w No Place To Fall 11/14/16
Kevin Morby: Singing Saw 05/21/16
Kira Fontana: Inner Revolution 12/12/08
Kyrgyz: Kyrgyz 04/13/06
Lal Meri: Lal Meri 10/04/09
Lawrence Lebo: Don't call her Larry: Vol 3: American Roots 12/21/10
Leanne Weatherly: Go and Find 07/18/08
Leigh Gregory: 1973 03/30/10
Leigh Gregory: Rainy Season Never Ends 07/07/09
Liquid Scene: Revolutions 07/02/15
Little Ones: Lovers Who Uncover (7") 01/03/07
Loomis & The Lust: Nagasha 09/04/09
Lori Lieberman: Gun Metal Sky 08/06/09
Love - till death did us apart: Arthur Lee 1945-2006 08/09/06
Lua Hadar with Twist: Lua Hadar... With Twist 04/09/09
Lucinda Williams: Little Honey 10/14/08
Lumin: Hadra 11/20/02
Lunchbox: The Magic of Sound 09/13/00
Madlib: Shades Of Blue: Madlib Invades Blue Note 07/13/03
Madlib: The Beat Kunducta Vol. 1-2: Movie Scenes 07/11/06
Magellan: Test of Wills 11/14/97
Manisha Shahane: Where Parallel Lines Meet 08/13/11
Mariee Sioux: Gift for the End 07/03/12
Mark Kozelek: Mark Kozelek Sings Favorites 06/20/16
Mars Volta: Amputechture 11/05/06
Mars Volta: The Bedlam in Goliath 02/21/08
Marty Namaro: Abstractionisms 09/21/02
Mary Dream: Beaufitul World 04/13/06
Mary Jenson: Beyond 07/15/11
Mates of State: My solo project 09/13/00
Matt Bauer: The Island Moved in the Storm 09/15/08
Matthew Sweet - Rockefeller, 08/18/97 09/16/97
Matthew Sweet: In Reverse 01/21/00
Matthew Sweet: Sunshine Lies 10/14/08
May McDonough and Company: Spilt Milk 04/06/12
Melanie Dekker: Acoustic Ride 08/16/08
Melissa Ferrick: Everything I Need 12/03/98
Melissa Ferrick: Melissa Ferrick +1 04/22/97
Mellow Drunk: One Thousand Lights 04/09/09
Memory's Mystic Band: Imaginary Clouds 07/15/11
Memory's Mystic Band: Quite Early One Morning 02/18/11
Metaform: The Electric Mist 07/26/10
Metallica: Nya Ullevi; Gothenburg, 22 August 2015 08/29/15
Metaphor: Entertaining Thanatos 04/05/04
Metaphor: Starfooted 05/18/00
Mia Doi Todd: Manzanita 05/23/05
Mia Doi Todd: Morning Music (with Andres Renteria) 12/31/09
Mia Vermillion feat. Orville Johnson: Alone Together With The Blues 09/23/10
Michele Moreno: Plastic Garden 09/26/07
Micropixie: The Good, the Beige and the Ugly 11/28/12
Mikal Cronin: MCIII 06/02/15
Model A: Transmission Lost 07/31/04
Monkees: Good Times! 08/18/16
Morning Benders: Big Echo 07/26/10
Morning Spy: The Silver Age 12/15/05
Mountain Goats: - another interview with John Darnielle 02/06/04
Mountain Goats: Tallahasse 01/18/03
Mountain Goats: an interview with John Darnielle 02/16/03
Nelson Bragg: Day into Night 08/28/07
New Bums: Voices in a Rented Room 02/15/14
New Mondo: Total Control 10/04/09
New Pornographers/The Plus Ones: Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, 26.06.01 07/05/01
New Slave: Bringing You A Brighter Tomorrow 05/25/13
Nick Bensen: No Resistance 12/30/01
Night Watchmen: Lost in California 06/14/03
No Age: An Object 09/19/13
No Age: Everything in Between 09/23/10
No Age: Losing Feeling EP 11/02/09
No Age: Nouns 05/20/08
Notes From The Edge: Notes From The Edge 10/14/08
Nuclear Rabbit: an e-chat interview 05/30/99
Olga: Pale Light 04/13/06
Papercuts: Fading Parade 04/18/11
Parker Street Cinema: Music, In The Blood 12/24/07
Parker Street Cinema: Parker Street Cinema EP 03/15/06
Patrick Cornell: Wrecking Ball 04/18/11
Pavement: Glasgow Barrowlands, November 18th 1999 11/23/99
Pavement: Quarantine The Past: The Best Of Pavement 03/30/10
Pavement: Scott says (by e-mail) 05/30/99
Pavement: The Secret History, Vol. 1 08/29/15
Pedestrian: UnIndian Songs Vol. 1 02/24/05
Peggy Judy: Live at the M Bar 02/09/09
Phil Putnam: Casualties 05/09/09
Phoenix and the Turtle: Swallow Up The Moon EP 02/28/10
Platypus: Ice Cycles 03/20/00
Psycho Nubs: Alley of the Ignots 01/11/09
Queens Of The Stone Age: Songs For The Deaf 09/21/02
Queens of the Stone Age: ...Like Clockwork 06/23/13
Queens of the Stone Age: Brixton Academy, London, UK, 13.06.01 07/05/01
Queens of the Stone Age: Era Vulgaris 06/30/07
Quiet Quiet Window Lights: a rural song event 01/25/05
RE/Search Publications - part I 03/24/97
RE/Search Publications Part II 05/22/97
Rachel Garlin: Wink at July 07/20/16
Rachel Gordon: an interview with ... 01/18/03
Radar Brothers: And The Surrounding Mountains 08/22/02
Radio & Musica Convention 1997 03/24/97
Rage Against The Machine: Philipshalle, Dusseldorf, Germany 04.02.00 02/19/00
Raymond Daniel "Ray" Manzarek: 12 February 1939 - 20 May 2013 05/25/13
Residents: Santa Dog 12/28/12
Richard Buckner: Meadow 03/04/07
Robert Kyle: Blue Winds 01/21/00
Roberts & Lord: Eponymous 11/10/11
Rogue Wave: Descend Like Vultures 12/15/05
Roy Loney & the Longshots: Shake it or leave it 12/24/07
Roy Loney and the Longshots: Drunkard In The Think Tank 07/31/04
Rykarda Parasol: For Blood and Wine 04/28/10
Rykarda Parasol: Here She Comes 07/13/03
Rykarda Parasol: Our Hearts First Meet 01/03/07
Santana: Marathon 01/12/17
Scott Walker + Sunn O))): Soused 11/06/14
Sean Good: Vol.1 - The Band That Never Was 10/24/99
Sean O'Brien & His Dirty Hands: Goodbye Game 10/14/08
Sean O'Brien: Seed Of Mayhem 01/22/08
Sebadoh: The Sebadoh 03/02/99
September songs, October moods: Tom Waits - an autumn soul 10/19/13
Shaheen: Revolution 09/15/08
Shane Alexander: The Sky Below 12/12/08
Shattered Atom: The Knife, The Thief 02/28/10
Silveroot: Big Difference 12/02/09
Silveroot: Full Measure 08/16/08
Simple Things: The Simple Things 02/09/09
Six Organs of Admittance: School of the Flower 05/23/05
Skygreen Leopards: My Friends 07/12/14
Sleeping Me: Cradlesongs 06/07/09
Sleeping Me: Lamenter 09/04/09
Sleeping Me: Legs Like Gravestone 05/09/09
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum: Of Natural History 05/23/05
Sole: Live From Rome 02/24/05
Sonya Greta: Vigilante Arcade 10/28/04
Soul Junk: soul-talk w/Glen Galloway 11/09/03
Sound of the Blue Heart: Wind of Change 09/04/09
Spanish Kitchen: Unlucky Men / Home Cooking 04/22/97
Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks: Lariat 12/17/13
Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks: Mirror Traffic 09/12/11
Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks: Wig Out At Jagbags 01/16/14
Stephen Malkmus: Face the Truth 07/21/05
Steven Messenger: Edge Of The Wall 02/21/08
Stolen Babies: There Be Squabbles Ahead 04/02/07
Subtle: ExitingARM 07/18/08
Susan Craig Winsberg: La Belle Dame 12/22/99
System of A Down: Hypnotize 01/14/06
Talib Kweli and Madlib: Liberation 02/02/07
Tangria Jazz Group: Tangria Jazz Group 03/21/08
Ted Leo/Pharmacists: Hearts of Oak 03/18/03
Ted Russell Kamp: Divisadero 12/24/07
Ted Russell Kamp: Night Owl 04/25/13
Terami Hirsch: A Broke Machine 06/18/08
The Doors: The Doors 01/12/17
Thisbe Vos: Under Your Spell 08/21/13
Tim Easton: Porcupine 06/07/09
Tina Malia: The Silent Awakening 06/30/07
Tokeli: Where Do You Start? 10/07/06
Tom Carter & Robert Horton: Lunar Eclipse 06/11/06
Tom Waits: Bad As Me 10/12/11
Tom Waits: Bad As Me 11/10/11
Tom Waits: Rain Dogs 09/28/15
Toni Jannotta: Is it Magic? 11/13/08
Tool: Brixton Academy, London, UK, 12.06.01 07/05/01
Tragic Tantrum: Mirror Mirror 06/15/11
TransAtlantic: SMPTe (Stolt, Morse, Portnoy and Trewavas) 03/20/00
Transatlantic: Bridge Across Forever 11/01/01
Tristeza: A Colores 01/14/06
Trumans Water: an interview with Kevin Branstetter 12/19/02
Tunnel of Love: Fury Town 01/14/06
Twilight Singers: Dynamite Steps 02/18/11
Twilight Singers: Dynamite Steps 02/18/11
University Of Errors: Jet Propelled Photographs 07/02/04
Utah Phillips and Ani DiFranco: The Past Didn't Go Anywhere 12/24/96
Vanja James: Vanja James Music 04/09/09
Various Artists: Artist's Choice: Grandaddy - Below the Radio 01/25/05
Various Artists: Pop Greetings Vol. 1 California 10/13/00
Velvet Revolver: Contraband 07/31/04
Vermillion Lies: What's in the Box 07/18/08
Vetiver: Here We Are...Something New From Vetiver 05/26/02
Vinsantos: A Light Awake Inside 08/24/10
Warpaint: Warpaint 02/15/14
Weezer: Weezer 07/05/01
Weezer: Weezer 07/20/16
Wendy and Lisa: White Flags of Winter chimneys 02/09/09
Wes Willenbring: Close, But Not Too Close 12/02/09
Wes Willenbring: Oh, Most 10/04/09
White Flag: Sonic Ballroom, Cologne, Germany 30.11.02 12/19/02
White Sails: White Sails 10/29/12
Why?: Alopecia 05/20/08
Why?: Elephant Eyelash 10/17/05
Why?: Eskimo Snow 12/31/09
Why?: Mumps, Etc. 10/29/12
Why?: Sanddollars EP 04/24/05
Winifred Adams: Where Will This Love Go EP 09/15/08
Xiu Xiu: The Air Force 09/07/06
Xiu Xiu: Women As Lovers 03/21/08
Yael Meyer: Warrior Heart 01/24/16
Ze Malibu Kids: - an e-mail chat w. Jeff McDonald 07/24/02
Zee, Zoe, Kyle ... and Friends: Seven Stories 02/22/97
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