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About Luna Kafé
  • What is Luna Kafé?
    Luna Kafé is a music fanzine.
  • Who are the editors of Luna Kafé?
    The Luna Kafé editors are Norwegians Knut Tore Breivik and Håvard Oppøyen.
  • What is Luna Kafé's musical profile?
    We do not limit ourselves to write about any particular musical genres, and wish to attract contributors from all over the world.
  • How often is Luna Kafé published?
    Luna Kafé is the first (and only?) e-zine to be published every full moon, which is about monthly (or moonthly, as we say).
  • How long have Luna Kafé existed?
    The first issue of Luna Kafé was published on the full moon night of 11/25/96, and issues were to follow on every full moon until January 12th 2017, which was the last issue.
  • What about the Red Planet picture?
    This photograph was taken on a space expedition, documented by photographer Lars Westgaard, and features your editors in silent meditation while planning the next full moon menu.
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